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Grow your business with our dispatch technology

More Jobs

Add a Job in 3 clicks

CallerID (popup customer name)

Select a previous address


Dispatch in 1 click

Instant Fare search

Reduce/remove radio communication.

More Drivers

Free custom design smart phone app.

One touch to accept a fare

Route planner

Base / Driver Messaging.

Even allocation of fares to drivers.

Dispatch <-> Driver real time chat… less radio.

New Account Customers

Our unique Web App enables you account customers to...

Add jobs directly on your system

Live status of all current/future jobs.

Monthly usage reporting.

Integrated into all major accounting packages

Better Customer Experience

Passenger app with payment

SMS message with map… track your Taxi.

IVR - create a fare instantly.

£ Price
Low FIXED monthly fee £12 per car.
(Discount for growing companies)
No set up cost.
No hardware.
No hidden fees.
No Long term contract.


Cloud based solution




GPS vehicle tracking, with driver status.

Dispatcher to Driver messages, with speech.

Quick search fares.

Accounting package integration.

Auto dispatch.



Call Recording.

Call Queues.

Call Reporting - on your call traffic.

Wallboard - metrics display in your base.


Passenger App

Locate driver

Contactless payment

Driver App

GPS vehicle tracking, with driver status.

Dispatcher to Driver messages, with speech.

Queue position display.

Job offer screen

Pre-Allocation Job report

PickACab is essential to the position of our company in the market. The web booker and IVR has enabled us to decrease our cost base, while continuing to grow our business.

Ger : DJ Cabs

We have been using PickACab for the past three years, and both our drivers and customers are thrilled with the cutting edge technology. This system lends itself to a speedier and more efficient service.

Theresa : ABC Taxis

PickACab's technology has allowed out fleet to grow by 250% over the past two years, with minimal increase in personnel costs. PickACab seamlessly processes over 1000 jobs daily.

Keith Reid : Exchequer Taxis